therapeutic facet


„In the field-dynamics session with Raphaele it was about finding out the reason for my inexplicable fits of anxiety and to deal with it.

As my body felt calm and relaxed we turned directly to the spaces of the heart. On the surface all of a sudden there appeared a hammer made of stone and big like a fist which felt painful. Raphaele advised me to keep my breath and attention turned to the hammer; thereby it slowly changed, it became soft and warm – and all at once it was an embryo (the embryo I had been which was to be aborted). Then suddenly all was gone – everything became grey.

Raphaele asked me whether I wanted to call the embryo back or whether it could remain vanished – yes, I wanted it to come back! The embryo came back to me and I took it deep into my heart; thereby peace and love spread in me, it made me entirely happy.

Ever since something has changed: my recurring bladder infection has gone and I don’t feel any anxiety any more. This relieved state is persistent.“

Atie Heuver
Netherlands, December 2014  


„Field-dynamics by Raphaele is a profound method to have access to hidden parts of the personality from this and other lifetimes. In the bright realm of consciousness they unfold their dynamics for transformation on a very deep level.

After the field-dynamic session with Raphaele I felt inwardly altogether relaxed, relieved and very powerful. The session brought about its healing potential all by itself and effortless in my life.”

Sati Krause, Düsseldorf 2015   


spiritual facet:


„Dear Raphaele,

I am grateful for the extraordinary inward journey you took me on today. I am still assimilating it and am full of wonder and excitement.

Thank you.”

JV Avadhanulu
Auroville, Indien, Januar 2014