Field Dynamics

In the field between body psychotherapy and spirituality, we move into a dynamic which connects both.

Spiritual Aspect

While practising breathing concentration on the spaces of the heart, we gain access to the Divine inside us, to the Soul Being and the Self, who are present in our daily consciousness but are largely drowned in our ostensibly noisy I.

On the surface we experience the “wishful soul”, with its subtle patterns of our outer personality, which also is addressed in psychotherapy. If we direct our breathing deeper into the cavities of our heart, behind it our Soul Being will appear in our consciousness and beyond this the vastness of our Self, felt and envisioned in very individual ways. We take these new experiences (the smile of the Soul Being and the vastness of the Self) with us onto the surface and allow them to penetrate us; with our feet we take them onto the earth and carry them into our lives.

One client, when having this experience, exclaimed: ”Oh, that’s me!”

All parts of our being, including those so far hidden, are being realized and integrated into an extended individuality, a unique being and authentic Self.